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Great News!

We have been contacted by a member of the Fyock line!  This takes us back a couple more generations.

Our lines meet at Johannes Peter Veiock, born 13 Apr 1684.  Peter had a couple of boys, Christian Friedrich (Balthasar Veiock line) and a Johann Thomas Veiock, born 21 Dec 1713.  Our new contact is a descendent of Johann Thomas Veiock.

Thomas had a son, George Jacob Veiock, born 18 Dec 1741.  George had a son, John, born 23 Aug 1772 in Cumberland Co., Pa. (Now called Franklin Co.)  This is were the last name got changed to Fyock.  John Fyock had a son, Jacob G Fyock, born 5 Nov 1809.  Jacob G., had a son, Daniel Fyock, born 31 Aug 1847.  Daniel had a son George, who in turn had a son Fay Fyock.

Our new contact is a son of Fay Fyock.  We are presently waiting to receive more information on this line.

If any other Fyock's come across this web page, please contact me.  I will be happy to hear from you and will foward your infomation to our contact in the Fyock family.
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